LOGAN — The school year is wrapping up for local schools. On his monthly showcase for Logan City School District on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, superintendent Frank Schofield brought along two standout students from Logan High School.

“It’s just awesome at this time of year, to see so much of the work that students have put into the year, start to come to fruition and be visible in certain accomplishments. We get to see a lot of these all through the year, but the Spring is when you get end-of-year recognitions and celebrations. And these are two of our students who are some of our most recent illustrations of those things,” said Schofield.

The students accompanying Schofield have very unique accomplishments.

High school junior Jasper Torrens is one of the very small number of students nationally who scored a perfect score on the ACT test this year. He was asked how he did this.                    

 “The thing I definitely did do, was on the ACT website they have a bunch of practice tests, and so I went to all the practice tests, and then they very clearly lay out…well, not very clearly, it’s quite hard to get to the page where they tell you what questions you got wrong.

“I think I had to….I don’t quite remember how I got there, but I think I might have had to retake the test to see exactly what the wrong answers were. But if you can do that and you can see what all the answers you got wrong were, then you can really start to fill in the holes that the ACT wants you to get,” said Torrens.

He also cited Logan High School for providing a lot of tools to succeed with the ACT. Torrens said the school has a lot of after school prep periods for the test.

Also, junior Liilian Rowe is part of Logan High’s Envirothon team, and this year, for only the 2nd time in school history, won the state competition. Very few people even know that Envirothon exists, let alone what it involves. Rowe explained what happens at an Envirothon.

“It’s in a different district every year, this year it was in Beaver, so no one was there except for the Envirothon people. And you go down and on the first day you have a presentation about an environmental science topic, and then the next day you go to five field stations and you learn something, and then you take a test,” Rowe explained.

Schofield said it requires students to gain significant knowledge of environmental science. He said the students have an outstanding teacher and coach, Andrew Semadeni.

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