LOGAN — A 23-year-old North Logan man previously charged with allegedly raping a girl at his home has accepted a plea deal. Joshua Hunter Cline was originally arrested in November 2021.

According to court records, Cline appeared last week in Logan’s 1st District Court. He pleaded “no contest” to two charges of attempted forcible sexual abuse, amended to a third-degree felony. As part of the deal, three remaining charges were dismissed by prosecutors.

The plea meant Cline conceded the alleged charges occurred without admitting guilt or offering a defense. It is still viewed as a guilty plea in court.

According to an arrest report, North Park police officers began investigating Cline after the victim described being sexually assaulted on Sept. 10, 2021. The two were reportedly acquaintances.

Investigators interviewed Cline. He admitted to hanging out with the woman on the night of the incident. While they were at his home, he reportedly started inappropriately touching her as she told him “no.”

The report stated, Cline claimed the victim told him to stop two to three times. He reportedly told police, he thought the woman was just uncomfortable or nervous, and that if he continued it would make her happy.

Cline is currently out of jail on pretrial supervision. He is scheduled to be sentenced July 1 and could face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

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