Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — The Utah Legislature may be debating the relevance of daylight-saving time again.

District 1 Republican Rep. Ronda Menlove is sponsoring HB-197, which would require the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to hold a meeting on whether the state should continue to change its clocks twice a year.

“House Bill 197 really doesn’t make the change but what House Bill 197 says is we should have conversation about this,” said Menlove. “I have had multiple petitions from senior citizen groups, emails, letters, phone calls from constituents, complaining about the changing part of daylight-saving time.

On KVNU’s For The People, Rep. Menlove said she knows that previous bills have failed to do away with daylight saving time. Her bill would bring people together to determine if citizens in Utah want to continue to change their clocks in the spring and fall.

“Really, this is listening to constituents and that’s the main purpose of the meeting,” said Menlove. “Listening to what the people have to say about this, so that then the legislature could take that feedback and that information and maybe debate the possibility of actually making a change.”

The bill passed through committee on a vote of 6-2. Menlove said she’s hopeful that it will be debated before the full House by the end of the week.