LOGAN — A 21-year-old Logan man has admitted to sexually assaulting a coworker in a church parking lot on Valentine’s Day. Jarek Anthony Lindholm has been in the Cache County Jail since being arrested Feb. 22, after being questioned by police.

Lindholm participated in a pretrial conference on Monday, April 15, in Logan’s 1st District Court. He pleaded guilty to sexual battery, amended to a second-degree felony.

Defense attorney Cameron Cox explained that in exchange for Lindholm’s plea, prosecutors dismissed two remaining charges, and will not ask for any prison time at sentencing.

According prosecutors, a woman called the Logan City Police Department, explaining how Lindholm had threatened to physically hurt his wife and adopted daughter if she did not have sex with him. The woman later explained how she had never met the defendant’s family face-to-face.

The victim said Lindholm had told her that he was often possessed by a mythical demon. She would also receive text messages occasionally from the man’s supposed wife and child, but they were always from Jarek’s phone number.

The woman explained that Lindholm contacted her on Feb. 14, saying he was being possessed. He reportedly told her, if she didn’t pick him up at his home, he would hurt his daughter.

The victim said she picked up Lindholm and was told to drive to a church parking lot near 645 Trail Circle, where she was raped. The defendant then ordered her to drive them to a restaurant.

The woman told police that at the time of the assault, she was afraid that if she didn’t follow Lindholm’s orders, he would hurt his family members. She said the man acted like he was being possessed at the time

When police contacted Lindholm at his home, he claimed to often hear voices in his head during the past year. He also confessed that his supposed wife and daughter did not exist.

Lindholm is being held without bail. He is scheduled to be sentenced June 3.

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