Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Cache County Sheriff’s deputies are questioning the story of three teenagers who said a ranch herder shot at them in Logan Canyon above the Temple Fork turnoff.

Sheriff Chad Jensen said the teens called 911 Friday morning claiming they had crashed their vehicle in an attempt to escape a man who had shot at them with a shotgun. The juveniles’ rolled vehicle was less than a mile from the campsite where the alleged shooting took place.

Police officers, deputies and SWAT teams were called to the area and located the wrecked vehicle and a nearby camp trailer.

Jensen said SWAT members attempted to make contact with the camper using bull horns and eventually a distraction device. The ranch hand was herding cattle in the area and had left his camp to go to work. A few hours later he returned and was detained for questioning.

The ranch herder told investigators he caught the juveniles in his campsite at approximately 4:30 a.m. that morning. After yelling at the juveniles, the camper said he fired one round into the ground and the juveniles left.

Jensen said an investigation is ongoing and the names of the persons involved are not being released at this time.

Traffic along Temple Fork Road was closed temporally until the situation was resolved.