Source: CVDaily Feed

Some Republicans in the U.S. Senate are trying to get a bill approved that would block any federal funding from going to Planned Parenthood. The action comes after the release of a video covertly recorded by an anti-abortion group that shows Planned Parenthood officials discussing procedures for obtaining tissues from aborted fetuses for research.

One local resident who would be pleased to see no funding go to Planned Parenthood is Cache County Council member Corey Yeates. Yeates, who has been an opponent of Planned Parenthood for many years, called the video “deplorable.”

“That is inexcusable,” Yeates exclaimed. “You can try to turn it around and make the makers of the film, the people that are setting them up, we can try to make them the bad people.

“But the fact is they are in the market selling these parts of aborted fetuses and that absolutely makes me ill to think that is going on in our country.”

Each year the Cache County Council approves property tax exemptions for local organizations including a small amount for the educational service provided by Planned Parenthood. Yeates is consistently the only council member to vote “no.” He says the organization does not represent the values of Cache Valley.