Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Students at Ellis Elementary have been selected as one of 12 schools to compete in a $10,000 video contest. The students in Greg Cox’s after-school theater club, worked on the video for several weeks before submitting it in the “Tree’s Rock” contest, sponsored by Scotties tissues.

The video is about three special trees on the school’s campus. All of the work was done by students in the club.

Heather Hoffmann is a fifth-grader and was the narrator. She said students were excited when they learned their video was selected as a finalist.

“So did I because I’ve never been in one of these videos,” said Hoffmann. “I wasn’t sure it would be selected as one of the finalists and it did. I got super excited.”

Greg Cox said he has encouraged his students to enter several video contests before, because it’s a great boost to their self-confidence.

Cox said, “for me as a teacher, to be able to show them that other people enjoy what you are making instead of just in our community or in our school, which is great anyway. But that people around the nation can see your stuff and say ‘that’s top notch work.’ It’s a good feeling for not just me as a teacher but also the students involved with it.”

This is the biggest contest the students have entered and they are asking for the communities help, voting for their video. Everyone can vote at Voting is open until February 14.