Source: CVDaily Feed

Not only did Jill Parker give an annual report for the Bear River Health Department at Tuesday’s Cache County Council meeting, she also traced the history of what has happened since public health departments were established about 50 years ago.

Parker, the department’s communications director, said soon after that it was decided that a priority among health departments throughout the state would be immunizations.

“Some of the things that we have done, you’ll see 10,717 immunizations were given across (Cache, Rich and Box Elder county) in 2013,” Parker explained, “14,545 vital records were issued, so death and birth certificates for our three counties, 14,000 is quite a number.

“As I was reading through the history of public health, in 1951 there were only 20,000 vital records issued for the entire state.”

Parker said last year there were 281 reportable diseases, 4,579 food handler permits issued and 158 child car seats checked.