Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN— District 3 republican Representative Jack Draxler felt good about most of what happened in the recent session of the Utah Legislature. He also felt good about the fact that six of the seven bills he sponsored passed and were signed by Governor Gary Herbert.

Draxler said he was not surprised that a bill he sponsored regarding alcohol and drugs did not pass, but he wanted to get it out there. On KVNU’s Crosstalk show Monday, Draxler said he’s concerned about the social costs we are seeing from two aspects of alcohol and drug use – overconsumption and underage consumption.

“I’d like to see our tax rates at a level that somewhat discourages overconsumption and underage consumption,” Draxler said. “There’s been massive research in this area by people not affiliated with Utah, not affiliated with the dominant religion in Utah, but who say ‘If you want to control overconsumption and underage consumption, price is the way to do it.’ Of course, the only way the state can address price is through the tax on beer or the markup margin on wine and spirits.”

He said the money could go where it is needed most – on treatment and enforcement. He plans to bring up the bill again with some changes.