Source: CVDaily Feed

Monday was swearing-in day for all elected and re-elected Cache County officials and that included new county Treasurer Craig McAllister.  Although he was sworn in Monday he has been working in the office since August when a deputy treasurer left.

McAllister says he has learned a lot and hopes to educate the public on what they need to know about taxes, including special categories such as veterans.

“Something that needs to be known is if there is a percentage of disability that has been awarded for your service, then you are entitled to a reduction in your property taxes,” McAllister explains. “Depending on what that percentage is, that could also include your motor vehicles in helping with that.

“It is through the office of the Treasurer that we can help and assist and fill out those forms, in conjunction with other offices in the county. But if you have a percentage of disability, and you’re not using that, please come see us.”

McAllister survived several races to get to the position he is now in, including the Republican caucus, the Republican Primary election and the general election against a write-in candidate.