Source: CVDaily Feed

The year 2014 will go down as a great year for agriculture according to Clark Israelsen, Agricultural agent for Utah State University Extension. He says agriculture contributes as much as 15 percent to the economy in the state of Utah.

Israel says as the population continues to grow, however, we do need to make sure there’s enough water to meet our needs.

He says although it’s been turned down in the past there is another serious discussion going on about organizing a water conservancy district.

“No one seems to have a better idea. And our needs are still there,” Israelsen says. “As our population continues to grow and expand, even as some of that water goes from agriculture use to residential use, there is still a process to get that to the families or businesses that need it.”

Israelsen says he has always supported the idea of a water conservancy district but he’s been on the losing side every time the issue has come up.