LOGAN – Utah State University’s long-term commitment to digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities is at the heart of this week’s announcement that in October USU will open a $7.2 million center focused on providing accessible materials to students with disabilities.

It is the National Center on Accessible Digital Educational Materials and Instruction, or NCADEMI, which is pronounced N-cademy

The new center will be housed at USU’s Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice (IDRPP).

Two of IDRPP’s prominent, national programs are being combined in the new center: WebAIM, which stands for web accessibility in mind, and TAESE (Center for Technical Assistance and Excellence in Special Education).

Dr. Matthew Wappett, executive director of the IDRPP, said the new center will provide targeted technical assistance to state and local school systems.

“The IDRPP has been a leader in digital accessibility through our WebAIM program for 25 years, and this award demonstrates the national significance of this important work,” said Wappett.

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