LOGAN — House District 2 candidate, and the incumbent in the race, Mike Petersen returned to KVNU’s For the People program last week. He said one size does not fit all when it comes to recent legislation as the state seems to be absorbing more power.


“It was intended to make the process for getting houses built happen quicker, which sounds great, except that it it’s made for Salt Lake City and for Provo and Orem, who have large staffs in their city offices, vs. Lewiston, or Richmond or Smithfield who doesn’t have a staff of people who can handle the paperwork,” said Petersen.


He said the bill has language in it that you had to turn over the paperwork in about 30 days, and that can’t be done in smaller communities. 


 “It also reduced the amount of public input, public hearings that can happen, again that’s a problem,” Petersen added. “I voted against that because it’s a problem. But i guarantee you, because I’ve spoken with many of our mayors who’ve called to ask ‘what the heck happened?’ and I agree – what the heck happened? Because this is causing significant issues for them, and I would not be surprised if next session we don’t do something to change that.”


Petersen’s opponent in District 2 is former educator Mike Monson. 

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