Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A preliminary hearing has been set for a Tremonton couple who were arrested and accused of running a money laundering and drug ring.

Nicholas Ray Litster and his wife Michelle Denise Litster were arrested in January. The two 46-year-olds both face three charges of money laundering and one charge of unlawful activity, all second-degree felonies. In addition, Nicholas has been charged with distribution of a controlled substance, a first-degree felony, and other misdemeanor theft and felony shoplifting charges. He also faces charges in Davis and Box Elder counties.

Logan City Police Captain Curtis Hooley said investigators uncovered the laundering ring when the Cache Rich Drug Task Force, served a warrant to a Logan home near 100 East 600 North.

“They found a bunch of UPC stickers that had been manufactured by these individuals,” said Hooley. “On the back of them were written the stores that they could be used at.”

Nicholas and Michelle were arrested along with three other adults.

Hooley said as officers investigated, they found the couple had been using the UPC codes to steal money from local retail stores.

“These individuals were taking these UPC stickers, putting them on a piece of merchandise at a store and purchasing that item for a much lower value than what it was really worth,” said Hooley. “They would go through the self-check stand and then they would bring it back, either themselves or someone else would bring it back and get the higher value.”

In one instance, a $200 item was purchased for $10 and then later returned for a full refund. The three other adults are believed to have been helping the laundering ring in exchange for methamphetamine.

A preliminary hearing has been set for March 24. At that time a judge will determine if there is sufficient evidence to bind Nicholas and Michelle over for trial.