SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Democratic Party has launched, according to statewide party chair Diane Lewis.

The goal of that website is to sharing everything that President Joe Biden has done for Utah families, Lewis explains.

Unlike Donald Trump, she adds, the president is committed to coming through with real benefits for Utah families. Those accomplishments include investing in infrastructure, protecting the environment, supporting rural communities and lowering education costs.

The UtahForBiden website boasts that, under Biden, Utah has received $3.5 billion in public infrastructure funding. That reportedly includes more than $370 million to improve internet access for families and businesses; $20 million for the Utah Transit authority to purchase new light-rail vehicles; and more than $158 million to improve Utah airports.

Under the heading of protecting the environment, the UDP website credits the Biden administration with providing more than $37 million for legacy pollution clean-up efforts; protecting the Bear Ears National Monument from mining operations; investment in protecting native wildlife and public lands; improved recreational access to land supervised by the Bureau of Land Management; and increased native seed production.

In support of rural communities, UtahForBiden claims that President Biden is responsible for $1.8 million invested in eight Utah counties to fund low-cast, renewable energy sources.

The Biden administration has also lowered the cost of higher education by cancelling $710 million in student loan debts of an estimated 14,350 Utahns.

Lewis also emphasizes that the UtahForBiden website will also help state residents become more involved in supporting Democratic candidates for local, state and federal offices.

“Every state and every race should be contested,” she insists. “That’s how we’ll strengthen the Democratic Party in Utah and across the country.”

U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM) will address Democratic delegates at their upcoming statewide convention on April 27 at Cottonwood High School in Salt Lake City.

At their convention gathering, Utah Democrats are expected to endorse several candidates for state elective offices in the upcoming general election.

Those hopefuls in contested races include Brian King for Utah Governor, Catherine Voutaz for State Auditor, Neil Hansen for State Treasurer and Tom Liljegren for local State House District 2.

Also in the running for the Democratic nomination are Rudy Bautista and David Carlson for Attorney General and Claudia Bigler and Chris Reed for local House District 1.

Lewis adds that state residents can also use the UtahForBiden website to show their support for President Biden by making arrangement to pick-up Biden-Harris yard signs from the UDP office in Salt Lake City.

The UDP website can be accessed by going online to

For additional information, Utahns can contact UPD press secretary Mason Hughes by calling 801-830-0645 or via e-mail at

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