LOGAN — This summer, the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce is assuming full responsibility for the Summer Citizens program. 

On KVNU’s For the People program on Thursday, chamber president and CEO Jamie Andrus said that currently they have about 550 individuals registered for their program. 

She said a lot of residents and especially businesses don’t understand who they are, what they’re doing and the economic impact that the visitors bring to the valley, even though the program has been around a long time.

“I’m so excited to tell you that these summer citizens come here from the warmer climates. So, imagine you live in the Phoenix area and it’s July, it’s really hot there and they’re looking for cooler weather. And, you know, they’re going to be coming here in a couple weeks, so they’re going to be in their parkas when they first get here (laughs),” Andrus explained.

But she is confident they will be shedding those coats shortly after they arrive. Andrus talked about the history of the program, that for 46 years was run through Utah State University.

“Well, the program took place at the old Rick’s College in Rexburg (Idaho), now we know it as BYU-Idaho. But, they had the program, and then, can you remember the Teton Dam, and the dam broke and the floods. They had nowhere to go, so they came to USU. In the beginning they lived in the student housing in the summer time. It was fantastic.”

Andrus said, not to fear, even though the chamber is taking over the program summer citizens will still be able to take classes through Utah State University and now Bridgerland Technical College.

“We’re also working with really unique groups, like the local astronomy club, they’re going to teach six, I think, different courses about astronomy, and they’re going to have some night viewing,” Andrus added. “There are going to be classes at Jump the Moon for art. There are going to be classes at Anderson’s (Seed & Garden) for gardening classes.”

Andrus said they will also have a special concert for the citizens at the new Carol & Jim Laub plaza in downtown Logan. 

Also, she said the cowboy poetry group said they would love to do a concert for them. Andrus said it will be a fun summer and they’re excited for them to come.

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