Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN – A family trip to Hyrum Reservoir turned out to save the lives of two women from Centerville. Tyler and Jeremy Mecham were ice fishing with their families Saturday afternoon, when a pair of women on a snowmobile rode by them and fell through the ice.

“At about 3:45, I had stepped into our little ice fishing tent and was helping my kids,” said Mecham. “A vehicle started approaching pretty close and I assumed that it was the Fish and Game. It started to slow down and all of a sudden, I heard a splash and the kids started screaming. I went out and saw two ladies were out in the open water, broken though the ice and were panicked, trying to keep afloat.”

As their snowmobile sank, the women, dressed in full snowmobile gear struggled to stay afloat.

“My brother ran over and I ran over, he helped one lady out and I helped the other one up out of the water, onto the ice,” said Mecham. “They were soaking wet, in shock, saying they were having a hard time breathing. So we had them get their wet clothes off. They got into the tent. Another fisherman nearby brought a little propane heater over so we could heat it up. We gave them some of our dry clothes and called 911.”

The women were transported by four-wheeler, to the beach area where Sheriff’s deputies and an ambulance were waiting to treat them.

The women told Mecham they were staying the weekend at a home in Hyrum and were not familiar with the area.