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Locally he is well known as section commander for the Utah Highway Patrol over Cache, Rich and Box Elder counties. Lieutenant Lee Perry is also known as a Republican Utah State Representative for District 29.

That means Perry will be back in the legislature on Monday to start the 2014 session. On KVNU’s Crosstalk program Thursday, Perry said he was asked to run a clean air bill this year because it deals with law enforcement.

“Basically, it’s a an enhancement to our current rules and laws as far as when people are emitting emissions from their vehicles,” Perry explained. “When somebody is driving down the road, especially in some of their diesel pickup trucks and blowing out that black smoke at people, it’s not funny anymore.

“We’re polluting our air and it needs to be stopped. So we’re going to enhance, or amend the law slightly, and hopefully encourage law enforcement to go out and take appropriate action.”

One of the big things Rep. Perry has been involved with is the Slow-Down-Move-Over law. He said constituents asked him to come up with ways to protect law enforcement officers from getting hit on the side of the road.