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For the second year in a row the Wilow Park Zoo has received one of the largest amounts of funding in the Rapz tax distribution. The Zoo is set to get $125,000 and Zoo Director Troy Cooper is delighted/

The zoo became private two years ago after Logan City stopped its financial contribution and Cooper said it has been a lot of hardwork but it has also been rewarding

So how will the Zoo use the money?

“In 2014 with the RAPZ money that helped us build our new gift shop and admissions building,” Cooper says. “This year we have looked at it and there are some more exhibits we are looking at building. Some of those are just preliminary and at the beginning.

“But others will go towards maintaining the zoo and feeding the animals. It will help us redo some exhibits, including the tortoise exhibit. Potentially we are looking at a petting zoo and our new aviary, it will help with those costs when we remodel that too. There will be lots of new things at the zoo throughout the year.”

Visitors at the Willow Park Zoo are increasing in numbers now that the weather has been getting warmer. Cooper says the zoo has been on its own financially over the past two-plus years. He says the RAPZ tax money has greatly benefited the zoo, particularly with its new gift shop where business continues to increase.

“We have a good mix in our gift shop. We’ve added drinks. We are going to add candy bars and other refreshments,” Cooper explains. “But we also have a lot of local artisans that we are supporting.

“We sell some of their goods via commission. And we have some of the typical stuff you would find in a gift shop related to zoos.”

Cooper says the zoo also has some fascinating new birds and animals. The zoo is open every day now and everyone should plan to attend the What’s New at the Zoo” day coming up on May 23rd.