‘New Sheriff in Town,’ an original musical melodrama, will play through Sept. 5 at the Pickleville Playhouse in Garden City, in repertory with the Disney musical ‘Beauty and the Beast. ‘

GARDEN CITY – The musical melodrama New Sheriff in Town is a laugh riot at the Pickleville Playhouse.

Written and directed by Derek Davis with music and lyrics by TJ Davis, the original play is a whodunit set in the fictional town of Wet Whistle, NV. The new sheriff, Roy Wrangler, and his faithful (?) deputy, Will Bailey, are investigating a saloon robbery.

The improbable list of suspects numbers five (or maybe six).

The winsome Natalie Stahl is Kate, the saloon keeper and former fiancée of Will who wants to blow this berg bad.

Then there’s Stinky Ned, a barfly played winningly by Ryan Sammonds, who just happens to be from Scotland. You can tell by the kilt and the funny accent.

Also on the list of suspects are Tina (Kenzie Davis) and Tony (Troy Boone), a couple of New Yorkers just passing through town on the way to Las Vegas to get married.

That leaves the heartbroken deputy Will, played by Jake Mickel. But he’s true blue; he can’t be culprit. Or can he?

And what about Sheriff Roy himself (Nathan Kremin)? Sure, he’s a blow-hard who looks like he just escaped from a dude ranch, but he’s the sheriff.

As the investigation progresses, it turns out that nobody is really who he or she seems to be. Except maybe Will. And maybe Kate. And maybe …

Of course, nobody is taking this whole thing seriously, not least of all the performers. There’s inside jokes about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars; about Pickleville saving its money for Beauty and the Beast sets; about being careful not to offend members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the audience; and about having to play multiple roles because the stage is already too crowded.

Everybody is laughing up their sleeves; just go with it.

Mickel and Ms. Stahl are just delightful as the star-crossed couple who just can’t seem to get their dreams to match. TJ Davis has written a lovely duet for them and they performed it charmingly.

Boone and Kenzie Davis are scene-stealers from way back. When they’re on stage, you can’t take your eyes off them.

And what musical would be complete without a Scot and a drinking song? TJ Davis doesn’t think so and Sammonds hilariously does it with gusto, drinking Kremin and Mickel under the table.

As the sheriff, Kremin is the glue that holds the whole thing together and he plays the role full tilt … and full volume. He’s a hoot.

There was a minor gaff with the curtain prior to Act 2. But the crew skillfully played it for laughs and the audience good-naturedly gave them a round of applause.

New Sheriff in Town will play through Sept. 5 at the Pickleville Playhouse, in repertory with Beauty and the Beast.

The Disney musical, directed by Kenzie Davis, will debut on June 21 and run through Aug. 19.

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