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LOGAN — Friends of the Cache County Children’s Justice Center had a really interesting idea some months back, that was to raise awareness about the center and also recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month with something called a Like-a-thon.

Now it has achieved much of its goal – getting people through just simple things such as ‘liking’ or sharing on Facebook, to discuss the work of the Cache County Children’s Justice Center.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Friday, Karina Brown, from the Friends group, talked a little bit about the work of the justice center for those not familiar with the organization.

“It is a home-like center where children can go, that have been physically and sexually abused, to receive a forensic medical exam and a trauma-informed interview. And it reduces the likelihood that they will have to go to court. So, it’s a very healing environment where they feel a sense of safety and security with trained personnel, really, community heroes that help them,” she said.

Brown said there are 23 Children’s Justice Centers throughout Utah, including the Cache County center. She said they are almost done with their Facebook Like-a-thon that started in April.

“Leading up to that, we were recruiting business sponsors, and our business sponsor for this Like-a-thon is the Green Gorilla Car Wash. So, we’re encouraging the community to just “like” the Cache County Children’s Justice Center Facebook page. There (are) great resources on there that are shared about preventing child abuse, protecting children from dangerous content online or dangerous people online. And so, there’s a lot of great resources there.”

Brown said that sometimes it’s hard for parents to talk with their children about tough topics.

“So there’s different resources that help us as parents or leaders or aunts and uncles to grandparents to talk with the children in our lives to help keep them safe.”

Their website is Cache where you can find out about giving your time and/ or donations.


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