LOGAN — Earlier this month local activist and perennial local candidate Keegan Garrity finally received a chance to participate in active government work as he won the G.O.P. nod for Logan Seat 1 on the Cache County Council.

That seat has been occupied by long-time incumbent Kent Ward. On KVNU’s For the People program last week, Garrity said council meetings need to get back to the business at hand, focusing on policy and budgets.

He cited the council meeting last month where personal grievances were aired by a county employee. Garrity said whether the complaints were valid or not, it was the wrong place for it.

“And one of the things I mentioned was, I think people just want to hear council members discuss things like how we’re going to oversee the waste management in Cache County. Or talk about ideas for a potential rec center, I know right now there’s cities that are talking about a rec center.

“It’s been part of the potential county discussion but, those are the type of topics I think the residents of our county want to get back to talking about. Things that are just going to improve the quality of life, policy issues, where to spend our money,” Garrity explained.

On that note, he said there seems to have been an attitude that residents don’t want to spend any money and that they should just say ‘No’ to everything.

“I don’t think that’s true either,” Garrity exclaimed. “We’ve seen the Cache County School District bond pass to build new buildings, and regardless of how you feel about that, I think it just demonstrates that if there are quality of life issues, people might be willing to allocate some resources towards that.”

Garrity is now headed to the November 5th General Election and, given the realities of local politics, appears to be certain to take over Logan Seat 1 in January of 2025.

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