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Approximately two weeks ago the Cache County School District named Dave Swenson as principal for the new high school currently under construction in North Logan. With his appointment that opened a future vacancy at Sky View High School, the school where Swenson is currently the principal.

Mike Liechty, Deputy Superintendent for the Cache County School District, says Mountain Crest assistant principal Mike Monson has been named to replace Swenson at Sky View effective July 1, 2016. Liechty says it has been important to make these decisions early.

“We told our teachers and staff members that all of our principals would be named,” Liechty explains, “so they would know when they were making some decisions and providing us input when we are assigning staff to schools that they would know who the principals would be in those schools.

“Our plans are to name our teacher placements this December as we prepare for this transition.”

Both Swenson and Monson remain at their current positions until the end of the school year but both will be working soon to put together their future staffs.

“(Mike) will continue as the assistant principal at Mountain Crest but in the next few months as we’re aligning staffs,” Liechty continues, “Mike Monson will have some input and say in putting together that Sky View staff when that transition takes place.”

Following the pattern set with Ridgeline High School, the district wanted to select an existing high school principal to open and organize the new school.

“The reason for Dave and Bob Henke, both, is they were current high school principals. They both know how to run a high school and they do a great job doing that,” says Liechty. “So we asked them if they’d be willing to open these two new high schools.

“They have to go through the challenge of preparing to open a high school, they don’t have to learn how to run it. They already know how to do that.”

Construction on both high schools is progressing nicely, says Liechty, particularly the school in North Logan which is actually months ahead of schedule. The subcontractors for the North Logan school are the same subcontractors who have worked on Ridgeline High School so much of the work is already familiar to them.

The process has also begun to solicit ideas about the school’s future name, mascot and colors. The opportunity to suggest input on the new school’s future identity closes Friday.

“So far we have had over 230 responses from patrons. We’re just starting that process. Once we get the initial input we’ll start nailing it down. Dave Swenson will start working with a naming committee based on the information they are receiving from the public and will move along much like with Ridgeline.”

Liechty says the timing to name the school has been moved up due to architect and builder requests. The name of the school is anticipated to be revealed by the end of December.

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