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Cache County Sheriff Lynn Nelson admits he is sad to be leaving the office after almost 35 years in the department and approximately half of that time in his present capacity. But Nelson, who was defeated by new sheriff-elect Chad Jensen in the Republican County convention, said that’s politics and he still prefers to have law enforcement administrators elected rather than appointed.

On KVNU’s Crosstalk program Tuesday, Nelson talked about what he will miss most.

“Interacting with people and getting the job done, I guess, in the sense of trying to make our agency better,” Nelson explained, “being able to serve the citizens better, and provide a level of service the people are comfortable with and able to maintain some of the values that we have in this great valley.”

Among the highlights of his career Nelson said were construction of the new law enforcement complex west of Logan and accreditation of the sheriffs department, something very difficult to achieve. He is pleased that there is    a fantastic working relationship between the local law enforcement agencies.

There have been scary incidents through the years but for the most part Nelson believes the valley is as safe as any place can be to call home.

Nelson said the crime which causes him the most concern is child abuse. He said it has had unprecedented growth and he has worked closely with the Child and Family Support Center for the last 12 years. So why are the cases of child abuse increasing?

“I’m not sure I know what the answers are to that,” Nelson said. “But certainly the availability of access through computers and technology has played a significant role in some of those crimes and made access to kids easier, made access to certain sites and information much easier than has ever been before.”

He said the number of drug crimes is still far too high.