Source: CVDaily Feed

If you are thinking about giving someone you love a cuddly pet for Christmas this year you should be sure the recipient is ready for the responsibility. Roland Bringhurst, executive director at the Cache Humane Society animal shelter west of Logan, said a good way to first get involved is to “foster” an animal.

On KVNU’s For the People program Monday, Bringhurst said right now there are approximately 30 foster homes for animals but he said at times there have been as many as 60. He was asked what you need in order to be a “foster.”

“If you have other animals, of course, we are going to make sure you are going to be able to handle another dog, another cat or a litter of puppies, whatever it might be, in addition to what you already might have,” Bringhurst said. “We don’t want you to neglect your current pets to take care of some foster animals for us.

“We are going to make sure you have a proper facility to keep whatever animals you’re going to have.”

When it comes to food, Bringurst said, the shelter is there to help.