Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Police were called to hair salon early Tuesday morning on report of a man who had wandered into the business waving a handgun. They later arrested and cited 29-year-old Paul W. Doucette with disorderly conduct.

Logan City Police Capt. Curtis Hooley said officers were called to the salon near 118 North Main after an employee said Doucette walked inside the building with a handgun under his arm. He reportedly waived the gun around before walking out the backdoor of the business.

The employee claimed, Doucette told them he worked for the police and God. He also told the employees that they were pretty and wasn’t sure why he was there.

Hooley said officers found Doucette behind the salon. He reportedly complied with officers’ commands when they asked him to surrender and drop his weapon. It was later learned the handgun was an airsoft gun.

Doucette was taken into custody and cited, before being transferred to the hospital for mental health treatment.

Hooley said officers don’t believe Doucette fired the airsoft gun, and never pointed it or made any threats with it.