HYRUM — It’s back for another year and it’s expanded to North Logan. What has been known as the Hyrum Farm Kids Market is now the Cache Valley Farm Kids Market – it will be open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon during June and July starting this Saturday, June 1st.

On KVNU’s For the People program, board president Amanda Butler told us about the change.

“This January, we set up as a non-profit, so we’re officially a registered 501(c)(3). Also, we knew that in the future we wanted to start operating two markets in the valley, and so this year we started doing that.

“We’ve now got one that we’re going to be operating at Elk Ridge Park, but we will also still be operating our one at the Hyrum Rodeo Grounds,” Butler explained.

She said they found they were not getting very many customers or vendors from the north end of the valley, so they’re hoping that will now improve. Butler said, right now, their list is over 300 vendors.

Last summer at the Hyrum location they would get 30 to 40 vendors every week. She talked about what you can find at the market.

“One thing that people are really always interested in is we always have plant starts, we always have eggs where the kids take care of the chickens themselves and bring the eggs,” she explained. “We also have some other food items, sourdough bread will be sold at both markets, and I know that’s really popular as well as the salsa. And then, we have some cool crafts.

“There’s a girl who paints on the back of glass to make some beautiful decorations for their homes. We have candles and body scrubs.”

All of the items are homemade or homegrown by the kids themselves as they need to be involved in 90 percent of the work going into it. The market is also holding four entrepreneurship classes for the kids.

“Oh we’re so excited about that! We reached out to several leaders and business owners in the valley this year, and asked them if they could teach our children some things about entrepreneurship, about running their own market, running their own business.”

Those taking part include someone from the Small Business Development Center at Utah State University, Bridgerland Technical College, the owner of Great Clips locations in northern Utah and others.

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