I drove to Sportsman’s Warehouse. Thought I’d buy a brand-new cap. My mistake was walking through the doors. They had me in their trap.

I’m not talking ‘bout a mouse trap. Snares his nose and won’t let go. I’m alluding to the shopping trance. Why couldn’t I say no?

I grabbed a cart and made a beeline to a hat filled crate. But switched gears to a sign that read, “Fifty dollar bag rebate.”

Below the rebate sign were sleeping bags hung in a row. One sleeping bag was rated down to 45 below.

The floor attendant tempted me. “It’s the best sale of the year!” I had to have the 45 below with all my gear.

The bag was extra heavy. Totaled nearly twenty pounds. But I stuffed it in my shopping cart. I had to make more rounds.

I was feeling so elated with my brand-new sleeping bag. I wasn’t checking prices. That would surely raise a flag.

I pushed on past the hats and caps. Found a Levi coat to wear. I didn’t need another but it’s good to have a spare.

I bought a pair of mittens that I doubt I’ll ever use. I’ll save ‘em for my wife in case we take a winter cruise.

I purchased ammunition. That is when I heard the cue. I had too many bullets for a single .22.

So, I bought another rifle. What the heck, it’s just one more. Then I moved on with my frenzy, hadn’t covered all the floor.

Aha! My eyes beheld a sight designed for all to see. A brand-new shiny wall tent that would soon belong to me.

I grabbed a wood stove for my tent to sleep warm through the night. Then I realized my purchases were climbing out of sight.

We totaled up my plunder. I was surely caught off guard. Two thousand fifty dollars, I said, “Put it on my card.”

I’d spent a ton of money with no permission from my wife. Should I give my wife the rebate? Fifty might just save my life.

Although I’ve never learned to save, for sure a shopping sap. But, this time I saved ten dollars ‘cuz I didn’t buy a cap.

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