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“I don’t need your civil war. It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.”

—From the song ”Civil War”, by Guns N’ Roses

From the time that I scribe these words to when it is published, there is a chance that details regarding the police shooting of Michael Brown may shed light on what really happened.

Perhaps excessive force was used. Maybe Officer Darren Wilson shot Brown in cold blood. Or, Wilson could have justifiably shot Brown in fear for his life. All I know right now is that the original story about Brown being gunned down while surrendering countered with the fact that Brown had just minutes before used forceful intimidation to steal a box of cigars makes me skeptical that this was another alleged cherub-faced innocent kid murdered for no reason other than he was black.

When the facts come out, those of us who use reason and logic to draw conclusions will file it away and move on. But that will not clean up one shard of glass on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. It will not replace the looted goods stolen in the name of “social justice”. And it most certainly will not teach the 24/7 media another dire lesson in jumping to conclusions.

This is why these stories tend to rankle me incessantly. The death of Michael Brown has now become the catalyst for another foray into the world of racial politics by those who make money off of such things. It is obscene.

Are news organizations and “freelance” journalists really covering a story by being on the streets of Ferguson at night? Or, are they waiting on altercations and actually chasing ambulances in the hopes of getting content?

What’s the difference between any of you watching nightly live video from that town and a NASCAR race? You just want to see violent collisions. Admit you have a bloodlust and stop fooling yourself that this is a story of any merit. You are hoping to be entertained by calamitous ruination.

And that is where I really feel angst when stories like Ferguson dominate the news. There is a symbiotic relationship between the media and rabble-rousers that destroy towns like Ferguson. Long after the press leaves—when there are no more broken storefronts to film—the carnage still wreaks. And none of the major actors that made Ferguson a hot spot will be around with a broom in hand.

Consider two animals in the wild: hyenas and vultures. Vultures will see a pack of hyenas closing in on an area. They know that hyenas are foragers who often steal the kill of big cats who do not travel in prides. For a vulture, this could be a quick snack.

And hyenas do this with vultures. If a hyena pack notices a swarm of vultures swooping down into a specific area, the odds are great that this is where a kill has occurred.

Whenever the media shows up to report a purported racist incident, the opportunists swoop down to get their face time on camera. Notorious race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson scurry to the couches of the victim’s families just as fast as they can book a flight.

And alleged anarchist groups and general bad people flock to the town knowing any police confrontations will be a resume-building source of pride for their social networking cred.

Who are the real racists? Police officers who show up at a hostile scene to do their job of preventing wide scale mayhem, or affluent, white, 20-somethings who use their trust fund money to fly into towns like Ferguson so as to engage police in those hostilities? Reports indicate that only a select few of the arrests from Monday and Tuesday night were Ferguson residents.

And allow me to scathingly rebuke a third group for their irresponsible behavior: Twitter Revolutionaries. That group of people who sit safely in their living rooms and talk about the lack of social justice and how Ferguson is indicative of racism in America.

I am so glad you took a few moments from your important existence to tweet your disgust. I sure hope it does not sour the taste of your double mocha latte.

And let me not forget to take a shot at the ultimate Twitter Revolutionaries: Libertarians! They took to social networking en masse to quiver in fear at the “militarized” police force they saw in Ferguson this week. The horror! A police force in a hostile situation decides to show a superior force and use high tech equipment to protect themselves.

I guess the “hug a thug” philosophy towards large groups of people yelling insults to police and engaging in hostile acts calls for chocolates and flowers in the libertarian mindset.

I have no way to quantify the following perception, but have you noticed that an amplitude of libertarians live in areas where the most prevalent crime is stolen bicycles?

Here is a suggestion for the Twitter Revolutionaries: leave your pearly white enclaves and move to Ferguson, Missouri. Or St. Louis. Or Detroit. Or, better yet, get on a plane with me on December 26th when I return home and I will help you find a rowhouse dirt cheap in North Philadelphia. Not an area where gentrifiers are pricing out the former black owners, but an honest, to the bone, black neighborhood plagued with blight, crime and a level of despair that is repugnant to anyone that witnesses such awful conditions.

Just don’t put your boots on the ground. Put your head on your pillow in these neighborhoods at night and tell me that the police officers that patrol those streets do it for no other reason than they want to be that thin blue line that protects innocent people just trying to get by day to day and the criminals that would terrorize their life.

As I sit here typing, I do not know the reason why Michael Brown is dead. The one witness whose account has been lauded by the media was Brown’s accomplice in a strong-arm robbery minutes before the incident. Forensic evidence has disputed his claims so far.

Unfortunately, the answer does not matter anymore. The damage is done. Once Al Sharpton, MSNBC and the racist white anarchists leave town, all that will be left is a mess that the people who live there every day will have to clean up.

All we will do is wait for the next dead black kid, killed by a white guy, to come into the news stream. The vultures and hyenas checking each other out will salivate the whole journey towards that next fresh kill.