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Sally Sears, owner and CEO of Caffe Ibis in downtown Logan, will tell you recycling has been a daily habit since she and her late husband, Randy Wirth, bought their first building 35 years ago.

She and her employees have often been recognized for their efforts in sustaining a “Green business”.

Recently, in observance of America Recycles Day, the Utah Recycling Alliance presented Caffe Ibis with the “Zero Waste or Pretty Darn Close” award.

“When we did our calculations we found we are diverting nearly 130,000 pounds a year of waste from the landfill,” said Sears. “So we are at 95 percent reduction in waste.

“We have always recycled, we thought it was always important. And we are always trying to improve on the model that we started in 1980.”

Caffe Ibis Cafe Manager Brigitta Borrego accepted the award and thanked employees and customers.

“It is their genuine discipline everyday with recycling, composting and lifestyle practices to reduce their footprint that has achieved this award.”

In a related story, recently the Stokes Nature Center named Sally the winner of the 4th Annual Allen Stokes Legacy Award, recognizing her “exceptional lifetime dedication to environmental education.”

“Allen would always challenge us to weigh environmental stewardship and social justice with profit,” said Sears. “That advice always fit with our own intrinsic values. And time and time again, when we were making a decision about our business, we would ask ourselves, ‘What would Allen do?’

She said that advice from Allen Stokes today is known as the triple bottom line economic model.

By Staff