Source: CVDaily Feed

Officials in Nibley City are telling residents not to use culinary water because of contamination from diesel fuel.

City Manager David Zook said residents are being asked not to use the water until the system can be flushed.

The contamination was discovered Wednesday after a resident reported an odor coming from their water. City officials at the same time were alerted about a fuel spill last weekend that may have been the cause.

Zook said utility workers are trying to isolate the problem and expect the water ban could last at least 24-hours.

Cache County School Superintendent Steve Norton said both Nibley and Heritage elementary schools will be closed Thursday and possibly longer because of the contaminated water.

Zook said residents should not use the water at all and boiling it will not remove the contamination.

Surrounding cities have made water taps available for residents to fill water containers. The addresses are located below:

Logan City BlackHawk Park West side at 250 W Legrand St. Logan City

Providence City Zollinger Park will have three taps available with hoses at 200 W 50 N Providence.

Hyrum City Senior Center will have three taps available. One out front, one by the garage, and one by the tennis court at 675 E Main Hyrum. 

Millville City Hall has two hydrants at 510 E 300 S Millville.

The Logan Community Rec Center is offering Nibley residents the use of the facilities showers while the ban is in place.