Source: CVDaily Feed

Widening of the Valley View Highway, also known as State Route 30, is one of the new priorities for the Utah Department of Transportation. UDOT spokesman Vic Saunders said for some time the volume of traffic has been climbing on US Highway 89/91 through Sardine Canyon and there are certain times of day when traffic there is extremely heavy.

“SR 30 remains a really great route but because of the narrowness of it a lot of the trucking industry refuses to use it,” Saunders explained on KVNU’s For the People program Wednesday. “They want us to widen the roadway and put shoulders on it to improve the safety of it so they feel safer driving big trucks over Valley View.

“We’ve added that to our long range plan. We hope to start an environmental study later this year.”

Saunders said that will help UDOT get a critical look at that corridor and the options that will be available in widening that road, not only from Logan out past the Cutler Marsh but all the way over to I-15 in Riverside.

He said that would give Cache Valley a direct connection to I-15 which would be an economic boon to the area.