Source: CVDaily Feed

Logan — As the nation comes to grips with the lack of university students going into science, technology, engineering, education and mathematics — the so-called STEM fields — Utah State University recently opened an innovative center it hopes will become a leading voice in efforts to address the issue.

The new STE2M Center will provide expanded opportunities and support to students, faculty, the university and the state, said David Feldon, the center director and an associate professor of instructional technology and learning sciences.

“The center will facilitate inter-disciplinary and cross-sector collaboration across the state in order to build a stronger STEM ecosystem,” said Feldon. “In my role as director, I try to recognize opportunities for connectivity between STEM entities and help build forward-thinking relationships based on mutual goals.”

Feldon said the center will work to increase the number and quality of STEM educators and STEM professionals in the region and country. It will also conduct research and development on computing and communication technologies in STEM education.

The center’s activities also include networking among STEM organizations around the state; data compilation and analysis; evaluation, outreach and dissemination services; specialized workforce training; and serving as the lead unit for institutional STEM initiatives.

Noelle Cockett, USU’s executive vice president and provost, said the new center will be a major driving force behind program development and student enrollment in STEM career pathways.

“USU is committed to offering opportunities to students that will be academically challenging, but that will also allow them to reach their career-choice goals,” said Cockett.

The center is housed in the west end of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School on USU’s campus. For more information, visit the STE2M website.