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LOGAN – Cache Valley boys and Utah State University students of the band Alone n’ Single hoped their music video “She’s Goin’ on a Mission” would take off, but they never expected it to go viral as quickly as it did. The video has only been on YouTube since May 18 and already has over 40,000 views. It’s also received radio airtime on Utah’s VFX.

Lead singer and guitarist Kyle Naylor wrote the song after the announcement was made at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ October 2012 session of General Conference that women could now serve missions at the age of 19 rather than the previous age of 21. He said he started writing the lyrics after fellow band member Eric Williams broke up with a girl who had desires to serve a mission.

“We think it’s great that girls want to serve. But it just kind of stinks when you really like somebody and care about them,” said maraca player Eric Williams, thinking back on the girl he dated who left on her mission in February. He said in the end they decided to be friends but that he did write her a letter recently. “I don’t know if I’d say we’re writing though. I haven’t heard back from her yet,” Williams laughed.

After the group of friends put the song together, they performed at a ward talent show followed by a stake talent show. The response from the crowd was positive.

“We had a few people come up and tell us we should record the song. We decided, yeah, that might be a fun thing to do together before we all graduate and go our separate ways,” Naylor said.

David Castillo of Why Sound Studios recorded the song and the band hired Taylor Ballam as a videographer for the music video. S.E. Needham Jewelers also sponsored the video. The band can be seen in the video wearing t-shirts from Needham’s that say “single?” across the chest.

The video, featuring the band singing lyrics like, “she’s goin’ on a mission so we better stop kissin’” takes place at various locations around Cache Valley, including the Logan-Cache Airport.

The friends say that the majority of responses from the video have been positive.

“There was one comment on YouTube that said something like, ‘Heaven forbid a girl go on a mission and have a growing experience, and doesn’t get married when she’s 18 and start having kids.’ But that’s not what we’re trying to say in the song. We’re just trying to be funny and have a good time,” said drummer Brad Dutson.

While several of the band members have graduated and moved away, they say that doesn’t mean there won’t be another video in the future. Nothing is set in stone, but Naylor has several other songs he’s written that the friends have played together in the past.

“I was talking to a gal and she actually told me I was kind of like Taylor Swift but a dude version,” Naylor admitted, as many of his songs are about breakups. “I think we might develop ‘Girls Like Tools’. I think that song has some potential,” Naylor said of one of his other songs. “We will see. So stay tuned to Alone n’ Single.”

You can find the “She’s Goin’ on a Mission” video on YouTube and the group hopes the song will be available for purchase on iTunes in the next two weeks.