MILLVILLE – Jake and Jana Forsgren are helping their daughter Mataya get ready for this year’s Cache Valley Gardner’s Market to be held starting May 11, 2024, until October 19, 2024.

The market will be held at its usual place just west of the Historic Cache County Courthouse at 199 N. Main in Logan from 9 a.m. until 1p.m. each Saturday until Oct. 19.

The Forsgren’s Mill Canyon Farms grows a variety of vegetables they will take to this year’s market.

“It’s a lot of work but we enjoy it,” Jake said. “We like educating people about how it all works. That’s one of the reasons why we do it.”

The Forsgren’s also raise goats and sheep for meat, but the past few years they started growing a variety of vegetables.

“We got into growing more produce recently,” Jake said. “Mataya is our garden manager. She is the one that does all the planting, weeding and harvesting; she also chases the sheep and goats when they get out.”

They will have beets, peas, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and more for sale.

“We have a no-till garden. We just spread the compost and plant the same rows every year,” he said. “We also raise some sheep and goats. We’re trying to get the animals USDA certified.”

Both Jake and Jana have raised beef, but find sheep and goats are easier to raise on what they consider their urban farm.


Mataya Forsgren shows one of the hanging plants she will be selling at this year’s Cache Valley Farmers Market.

Right now, their house has several petunia hanging baskets they hope to bring out and sell when the weather gets better.

Jake has turned an old hay wagon into a vegetable stand like many of the market vendors have in front of their homes.  

“What a great experience the Cache Valley Gardner’s Market is. It’s a wonderful thing for our valley,” Jana said. “It gives people a chance to show what they are passionate about.”

Farm to table is a good way to go, she added.

The Forsgren’s are just one of 122 vendors at this year’s market.

Besides fresh produce, the market also features a variety of crafts and artisanal products. There are usually local plants, handmade crafts for sale, things like soaps, candles, jewelry and pottery. There are a lot of talented entrepreneurs in the Cache Valley area.

Some vendors offer food made to order and there are area musicians that perform during the market.

Organizers of Cache Valley Gardeners Market want to educate people about sustainable agriculture and healthy foods. It also gives local producers and artisans a source of revenue. It has become a vital community gathering place for all ages.

This year Utah State University’s Chocolate Factory will be giving away chocolate on opening day May 11, and again on June 1.

This market is promoted as a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Logan. For 30 years the market has been a local summer event. It offers a unique and enjoyable experience.

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