Source: CVDaily Feed

MENDON — Cache County Sheriff’s deputies say the story of a possible drowning in the Logan River was a hoax caused by a fisherman who suffered a “medical incident.”

Lt. Doyle Peck said 37-year-old Brian Till of College Ward called county dispatch Thursday afternoon, reporting he had seen a 14-year-old female fall in the water near 870 South 2000 West.

“Initially when we began to speak with the complainant, we were getting some information that made us a little concerned about the credibility of it and not because we thought he was lying, simply because we think there was a medical issue involved,” said Peck. “The complainant made a comment that the 14-year-old female was wrestling with a beaver, trying to go upstream.”

Search and Rescue crews along with the Logan City Fire department still searched the river downstream and along the banks for any sign of the girl.

Peck said as the search continued though, Till’s story changed.

“It went from a 14-year-old female to an adult male, to an adult female,” said Peck. “As we checked into this individual’s history, it appears we do have a medical incident that has caused him to either hallucinate or just thought he saw something that wasn’t really real.”

Till was transported to the hospital for evaluation. He will also be tested for drug and alcohol use.

Peck said Till was involved in an accident around a year ago and sustained a head injury which could have been the cause of the hallucination.

“Based on his comments of a 14-year-old female wrestling a large beaver upstream and the beaver was beating her up, that led us to believe we might be dealing with something else here,” said Peck.

The search was called off at 5:45 p.m.