Source: CVDaily Feed

She works in a store and Misty Snow says she decided to run for U.S. Senate to let people know how it is and what is needed to improve the lives of many Americans. Snow, who is facing Jonathan Swinton in the Democratic Primary on June 28th, was a guest on KVNU’s For the People program Thursday.

She said it is important to raise the minimum wage because no one in this country can live on $7.25 an hour.

“Well then, let’s raise the minimum wage so we’re not subsidizing Walmart, we’re not subsidizing the low low wages by McDonald’s, etc. Make them pay their workers a living wage because those companies are making billions of dollars of profit every year. They can afford to pay their workers better than they are and still be huge, profitable companies.”

Snow said more financial aid is also needed to help people go to college who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Swinton said he would like to use the skills he has developed in problem-solving to help people in Washington because that is something Republican Senator Mike Lee has shown he does not know how to do.

Snow and Swinton will square off in a debate Saturday sponsored by the Cache Democrats. The debate will take place at the Historic Cache County Courthouse at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.