SALT LAKE CITY — A Smithfield man is the owner of a new car after making three 3-point shots during the Utah Jazz game Tuesday night, April 3. Mailik Horman won the vehicle during the “Ken Garff Threes for Keys” contest.

Horman had to make three 3-point shots from designated locations around the 3-point line to win the car. He seemed calm and focused before beginning his attempt.

The contest was designed to be a thrilling challenge. Horman was given 30 seconds to make three 3-point shots from designated locations. Each successful shot increased the stakes and the rewards. He seized the opportunity, making the three-point first shot to win $100, then the second for $500, and finally the third, earning the grand prize—a new car.

Horman’s last shot was first declared too late for the 30-second shot clock, but with the Jazz crowd’s enormous disapproval of the call on the floor, officials reviewed the shot and declared Horman a winner of a 2024 Hyundai Kona from Ken Garff Automotive Group.

The crowd went wild for Horman, who went from zero to winner in 30 seconds!

Brett Hopkins, CEO of Ken Garff Automotive Group said, “The ‘Ken Garff Threes for Keys’ contest is about more than just winning prizes, it’s about celebrating victories both big and small. Mailik Horman’s win is a testament to his determination and sportsmanship.”

The “Ken Garff Threes for Keys” contest awarded new cars to four winners at Jazz games. Tonight’s contest was the last for the season.

 Matt Jensen, VP of Marketing at Ken Garff said, “Mailik’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. His success serves as a wonderful reminder of what someone can achieve with focus and purpose.”

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