LOGAN — In the first Cache County Council candidate spotlight, Jon-David Jorgensen was a guest on KVNU’s For the People program on Tuesday. He is contending for the seat for the north district race, which is about the middle of Smithfield on north. Jorgensen talked a little bit about his background, he said he and his wife both grew up in the county.

“We left after I graduated from Utah State University and I wanted to raise our children here. I’ve got two kids, and so we found our way our back to Cache County, and I got involved in the Republican party here, and was on the county executive committee for the party and that’s over this exact same district.

“So I worked with the precinct chairs and other delegates, other people in our county’s central committee,” he explained.

Some of the places they came back from included Asia, where they moved after graduating. Jorgensen said they both speak Chinese.

Then they moved back to the states and lived in New York City so he could go to law school. They came back to Utah and he joined the law firm Kirton McConkie in Salt Lake City.

For the last four years he has been deputy general counsel for Malouf, locally.   

He decided to run when seeing in his involvement in the Republican party here, the conflict going on that doesn’t reflect the character of the people in Cache County.

“It’s not that anyone that’s representing us is not doing their best, what they think is best,” Jorgensen said. “I think they’ve just gotten a little bit too far along on the personal side of things.

“So, I would like to focus on what are the needs of the county, what can we do to deal with these issues, growth. How can we deal with that, how do we interact with each other. How do we make sure that we are being professional about how we’re doing things.”

You can find out more about him at his campaign website VoteJonDavid.com.

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