Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A 43-year-old Smithfield man, Jeffery E. Baird, will avoid going to prison for stalking and other charges, after a judge instead sentenced him to six-months in jail.

The Monday morning sentencing in 1st District Court stemmed from an incident in December, 2014, when Baird posted nude photos of a woman on a popular social media site. He was later arrested, charged and pleaded guilty to stalking, a third-degree felony. The charge, which is normally a class A misdemeanor, was enhanced to a felony because of his prior relationship with the victim.

During sentencing, Baird’s attorney, Shannon Demler said his client’s actions were very inappropriate. He told the court Baird suffers from mental health problems including ADHD, and needs help.

Baird told the court there was no excuse for his behavior. He said he knew better and asked for the court’s mercy.

State attorney Barbara Lachmar said she sees Baird as a man whose actions speak louder than words. She told the court how Baird allegedly had a history of harassing the victim, including putting water in her gas tank, stealing her belongings and threatening her with physical harm. She said he is very manipulative and needs to grow up.

Judge Brandon Maynard said he wasn’t sure what to do with Baird, noting a previous prison sentence he had served and his failure to be treated with medication for his mental health problems. He originally sentenced Baird to the maximum sentence of zero-to-five-years in prison. He later suspended that sentence, ordering him instead to serve six-months in jail and complete counseling.