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Housing state prisoners is a source of revenue for the Cache County Sheriffs Office and the amount of revenue is up this year. Sheriff Chad Jensen told the Cache County Council Tuesday that since he took office in January the number of state prisoners being housed here has gone from about 45 last year to more than 70 this year. As a result, it has increased the amount of money coming to the jail, bringing the revenue up from approximately $700,000 to $1.3 million.

Jensen said under the state’s new Justice Reinvestment Act new jail programs are being mandated. He said the Cache County Jail didn’t waste any time getting started.

“We’re starting some programs in the jail, MRT, Thinking for Lives and different programs that the inmates in the jail can start on right now,” Jensen said. “They can work on it while they’re in custody. It will be an easy and smooth transition from being in custody into the private sector to continue their treatment and therapy.”

Jensen said they are good programs that help the inmates but there are some costs associated with providing the services.

“There is a little bit of a cost associated with providing that but there is also a bigger benefit from the state if we provide those programs to the state inmates.”

The Sheriff said the goal of his office is to keep inmates from coming back time after time and he feels having good programs while they are in jail will help the inmates be more successful when they are out.

By Staff