Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A 25-year-old Smithfield man, Shane Hallstrom, has pleaded guilty but mentally ill, to first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his father.

Hallstrom entered the plea in 1st District Court Thursday afternoon. Throughout the hearing, he showed no emotion and stared blankly, as he stood next to his public defender, Bryan Galloway.

On the afternoon of April 28, police were called to Hallstrom’s Smithfield home near 160 South 380 East. When they arrived, they found Calvin Hallstrom lying at the entrance of the driveway, unconscious and bleeding heavily from the neck. He was transported by ambulance to Cache Valley Hospital where efforts to save him were unsuccessful, and he was later pronounced dead.

During Thursday’s hearing, state attorney Tony Baird said on the night of Calvin’s death, Shane had intentionally invited his estranged father over to visit with him. He had hidden a knife in his pocket, and as the two walked down the driveway, Shane pulled out the knife and stabbed Calvin in the neck.

“He used that knife to puncture arteries in [Calvin’s] neck,” said Baird. “He struck him several times and then pounded his head into the sidewalk.”

Officers later searched the home and found a three-inch long paring knife.

Hallstrom was arrested and later charged with murder. In August, he was found competent to stand trial after two separate mental evaluations.

During Thursday’s court appearance, Judge Kevin Allen explained to Hallstrom that by pleading guilty but mentally ill, the court will order another evaluation to determine his mental state. If he is found mentally ill, he will be ordered to serve his sentence at the State Hospital instead of the State Prison. The length of the sentence could be up to life.

Hallstrom spoke only briefly, answering “okay” and “I understand” as Judge Allen asked if he understood what was taking place.

Judge Allen told Hallstrom that he would order an evaluation to be conducted by Bear River Mental Health. He ordered him to return to court December 13 to review their findings.