Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Now that the Cache County Jail is housing inmates from both Cache and Franklin Counties, Sheriff Chad Jensen says the partnership will be a benefit to both offices.

In a press release, Jensen said the recently signed contract will not only allow deputies from both counties to work more closely in housing inmates, but also working with law enforcement on public safety issues that impact both communities.

For the past several years, deputies from Franklin County have partnered with Cache County in using Spillman Technologies for law enforcement and jail data management. Jensen said, by having Spillman in place at both facilities, jail deputies have been able to make a smooth transition as they began booking new arrests and housing inmates sentenced from the Idaho courts.

The agreement will also be a benefit to both counties. Cache County will profit financially as more revenue will be generated by housing Idaho inmates, and Franklin County will benefit by a reduction in transportation costs.

Jensen said the agreement will also benefit inmates and their families. The families will not have to travel as far to visit, and the inmates will have the possibility of participating in the programs offered at the jail, including work release, ankle monitoring, and classes.