Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN – Approximately 70 inmates at the Cache County Jail regularly attend educational programs and classes offered at the jail.

Deputy Sheriff Chris Toone is director of programs at the jail. 

“Here at the jail we offer several different programs for the inmates,” said Toone. “They’re able to get their GED, their high school diploma, some parenting classes. We offer music classes plus programs in the spring that will help them get their horticulture certificate and a pesticide certificate.

“There are classes for when they are released from jail that help them to handle themselves in the outside world. We have addiction recovery programs and we have a humanitarian program offered by one of the churches that gives them the opportunity to make clothing or hats or scarves for underprivileged children.”

Toone said there is a well-stocked library at the jail as well.

The newest program offers training in indexing in family history through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with computers available to improve in genealogy skills.

“Some of the classes are taught by state certified teachers but most of those teaching are volunteers from the community,” said Toone. “We have an average of about 60 volunteers that come into the jail weekly to help with these programs.”