Photo of the Ridgeline Aeriettes at a Ridgeline boys basketball game on January, 29, 2021. Photo by Robert Scott

OREM – Earlier this week, drill teams from throughout the state competed at the UCCU Center on the campus of Utah Valley University for the 4A state Drill Team competitions. Teams competed in three different categories and Region 11 teams fared well in each, with Ridgeline returning to Cache Valley with the 3rd place trophy for the Overall competition.

The Ridgeline Aeriettes won the Region 11 competition on Jan. 19th with a clean sweep of individual categories: Military, Dance and Show. And on Wednesday, Feb. 10th they finished 3rd in state for both Dance and Show categories, placing 5th in Military. The Aeriettes finished the multi-day competition 3rd Overall behind Dixie and Desert Hills.

The Logan Hi-Lo’s perform at a Logan High girls basketball game on January 27, 2021. Photo by Sean Greene

Fellow Region 11 drill teams Logan Hi-Lo’s and Sky View Vistauns also performed well at the state competition, with the Hi-Lo’s finishing 4th overall. Logan finished 3rd in Military and 4th in Dance, while the Vistauns finished 4th in Military.

It was an up and down season for Region 11 drill teams, with different schools winning or placing well at various invitationals throughout the state. Back in December, the Aeriettes placed 3rd overall at the Salt Lake Valley Classic on Dec. 19th, behind Dixie and Desert Hills, respectively. That day Ridgeline placed 3rd in Military, Dance and Show with the Mountain Crest Caprielles right behind them, finishing 4th in each category and 4th overall. The Logan Hi-Lo’s finished 5th in Military and Show, and 5th Overall.

The Sky View Vistauns perform during a Sky View girls basketball game on January 29, 2021. Photo by Clint Allen

Three different invitationals took place on January 9th with Region 11 scattered among all three events. At the Davis Valley Invitational at Davis High School, the Caprielles finished 1st Overall behind a 1st place finish in Military, a 2nd place finish in Dance and a 3rd place finish in Show. Ridgeline finished 2nd Overall behind a 1st place performance in Show, a 2nd place performance in Military and a 5th place performance in Dance.  The Vistauns were 3rd Overall with 3rd place finishes in Military and Dance and a 2nd place finish in Show. Green Canyon participated in the Elevation Invitational that day at Cyprus High School, finishing 2nd Overall after placing 1st in Military, 2nd in Dance and 3rd in Show. Logan participated in the Bountiful Invitational at Bountiful High School that day and finished 4th in Show, 5th in Military, 5th in Dance and 5th Overall.

On January 16th, just days before the Region 11 competition, several teams participated in the Royal Classic at Roy High School. Ridgeline again came away 1st Overall after winning 1st in Show, 2nd in Military and 3rd in Dance. Sky View finished 2nd Overall behind a 1st place finish in Dance, and 3rd place finishes in Military and Show. Mountain Crest finished 3rd Overall after placing 2nd in Show and Dance, while finishing 4th in Military. And Green Canyon finished 4th Overall behind a 1st place finish in Military and 4th place finishes in Dance and Show. The Logan Hi-Lo’s participated in the Rocky Mountain Drill Invitational at Alta High School that day and finished 5th Overall, with a 3rd place finish in Dance and 5th place finishes in Military and Show.

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