Source: CVDaily Feed

Richmond Mayor Mike Hall has enjoyed serving his city over the last eight years. In fact, he must have enjoyed it a lot. Hall has filed for a third four-year term. Residents of Richmond must like that idea since no one filed to run against Hall by the deadline.

On KVNU’s Crosstalk program Thursday, Hall said he is a proud of the fact that the city has been able to fund a new waste water treatment facility and a new water tank along with a much-appreciated traffic light.

Work is underway on the new Cherry Peak Ski resort east of Richmond and the Hall said he is concerned about safety because of all the traffic it will bring.

“We really won’t see a lot of economic impact on the positive side from the ski resort,” Hall said. “Ticket sales and that will occur more in the county.

“We may sell a few tanks of gas at the local convenience store, a few more snacks and lunches and things purchased at the local eating establishments, but that really won’t off set the wear and tear on the roads from increased traffic.”

He said the developers have been very good to work with but because the property is outside of Richmond there is no financial benefit for the city.