Source: CVDaily Feed

Wednesday was Veterans Day and there were numerous programs across the nation and also in Cache Valley honoring those who have served in the nation’s military branches.

On KVNU’s For the People program Wednesday, the guests were Jake Falcon and Justin Bishop who are veterans themselves and also both work at the Utah State University Veterans Resource Office.

The office helps veterans in many different areas, including getting benefits of the GI bill implemented. They also help those who are interested in going back to college which Falcon says presents its own challenges.

But he says a new program is helping with the transition and it is called VITAL, which stands for Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership.

“It’s a mentoring type of program,” Falcon explains. “It’s an initiative where veterans such as ourselves, we help these veterans who are coming back to college, we help them with their paper work and give them the access they need to the resources that might be available. We also give them a place to hang out and just talk about their day.”

Falcon says the program has been helping to reduce the drop-out rate among veterans nationwide.