WASHINGTON D.C. — Utah District 1 Representative Blake Moore took a break from his work in Congress and held a brief radio town hall on Monday afternoon during KVNU’s For the People program.

He addressed the movement by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, that was something that a member of the media asked him as he made his way to the call-in town hall.

“I’m walking off the house floor right now, and a reporter grabbed me…she asked me about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate. My response was simply – we have a potential $4.3 trillion tax increase on Americans starting next year in 2025. I’m far more concerned about that than what this person or a couple people are doing to garner attention,” he explained.

Moore was asked about the $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel and how that affects or spotlights Hill Air Force Base.

“I would say the part that’s actually more unique to Hill Air Force Base is we have deployments going,” Moore said. “We’ve had deployments to Poland, we’ve had deployments to the South Pacific into the Indo-Pacific region and even some to the Middle East.

“The major conflicts that are going on right now in our world, we’ve got Hill Air Force Base active duty and reservists that are there at the ready. And I think that’s a point of pride for our district.”

A listener was concerned about communication, that much of what happens in Congress is being told on cable news.

Moore was asked if that bothers him and how should people get their news when it comes to that.

“There’s some truth to that, that local news does a whole lot better of actually communicating the things that are important,” Moore answered. “Cable news is now reliant based on clicks, it’s now reliant based on sensationalism. I’ve cut it out of my diet completely.

“I follow the Wall Street Journal editorial board, I follow this thing called the Flipside, that’s a good daily periodical, just one email a day that says what the right’s saying, what the left is saying.”

Moore said people need to lean on their own critical thinking more. Moore said there’s always a motivation for politicians to use social media if they’re trying to drive anger and discord.

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