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Changes are on the way for Logan City’s Booting and Towing ordinance. At a Tuesday public haring owners and workers at local booting companies claimed the changes would hurt their livelihood and offer no more protection to vehicle owners.

The proposed ordinance states that booting companies would have one hour to respond when someone calls to report their vehicle has been booted. If the response is longer, the company could face charges of a Class C Misdemeanor unless there was a legitimate reason for the delay, such as bad weather or heavy traffic. Booting company owner Dennis Shaw expressed opposition to the proposal.

“If this proposed ordinance passes in its current form it will not be long before towing becomes the primary and dominant form of parking enforcement,” Shaw explained to the council. “The real losers in this will be those who suffer the consequences of having a vehicle towed.

“It will cost a minimum of $203 and it will take much longer than an hour for someone to retrieve their vehicle, not to mention the inconvenience of traveling to a tow yard in the middle of the night as opposed to meeting someone in a parking lot next to their car.”

The new ordinance was proposed after police received numerous complaints about vehicle owners having to wait a long time to get their own property back. Police Chief Gary Jensen said police in other cities he talked to were not having those problems.

At the end of the hearing, council members agreed to change the time requirements to 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes. Instead of the Class C Misdemeanor charge, the owner of the booted vehicle would not have to pay anything to have the boot removed if the booting coming responds after 90 minutes.

The proposed ordinance will come back to the council at its next meeting when it is expected to be adopted.

By Staff