President Joe Biden claimed easy victories in all 14 state holding Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday, Including Utah. The Biden-Harris campaign captured all of the 1,420 delegates up for grabs in those primaries, leaving the incumbent just 342 delegates shy of cinching the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2024.

SALT LAKE CITY – As expected, the nationwide Super Tuesday balloting proved to be a cakewalk for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The incumbent won in all 14 states holding Super Tuesday Democratic primaries, including Utah.

“Today, millions of voters across the county made their voices heard,” Biden said in a prepared statement issued by his campaign in Washington, “by showing that they are ready to fight back against Donald Trump’s extreme plan to take us backward.”

Biden emphasized that Trump is “… driven by grievance and grift, focused on his own revenge and retribution, not the American people.”

Biden also repeated his now familiar accusation that Trump is an existential threat to American democracy.

Biden is expected to capture all 1,420 Democratic state delegates that were up for grabs on Super Tuesday, leaving him only about 340 delegates shy of cinching his party’s nomination.

Here in Utah, the president scooped up the state’s 34 Democratic delegates, which Utah Democratic Party Chair Diane Lewis called an overwhelming victory.

“These results show what I’ve been hearing on the ground every day,” according to Lewis. “Democrats are fired up and ready to re-elect the Biden-Harris ticket in November.

“We simply cannot afford to have Donald Trump and his MAGA extremist movement back in the White House … What’s at stake in this election is our personal freedoms, our economy and our democracy.”

Harris echoed Biden’s dire predictions about Trump before citing the administration’s alleged accomplishments.

“During the upcoming State of the Union (on Mar. 7),” she promised, “President Biden will have the opportunity to report on the tremendous progress we have made when it comes to creating good-paying jobs, reducing costs and helping American family build a better life.

“He will also lay out our vision of what more we can accomplish, if we work together,” Harris added.

The Biden-Harris campaign swept the Democratic primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

“Time and again, the American people choose unity over hate, democracy over authoritarianism and hope over fear,” said Jaime Harrison, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, following the President’s resounding victory.

“They are ready to do it again this November,” he added.

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